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Oman geology/archaeology tours

Fieldwork logistics

We will arrange everything from remote scientific field trips to logistical support for all excursions types, large or small.

Logistical support includes establishing camps and providing food and transportation to suit every pocket and taste.

Experienced guides on geological, biological, archaeological and cultural heritage tours in Oman are available upon request.

Please see testimonials on trips we have organised in the past.

  • Testimonials

Prof. Dr. Martin Meschede

Regionale und Strukturgeologie Institut für Geographie und Geologie, Greifswald, Germany

Travelling around the wonderful landscapes of Oman with Mansoor and his group was a fantastic experience. Not only the very obliging handling of our overnight camps but also the efforts of our guides to give us an understanding of Oman´s culture was intriguing.


Most impressive was the preparation of the traditional Omani meal “Shuwa” with goats being baked for 24 hours in a hole in the ground.

Many thanks to Mansoor and his group for all these magnificent experiences.

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