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Desert Safari (Desert Cross) from the desert to the Indian Ocean.
This is a Sport Tours

Experience an
amazing adventure overnight trip. In a breathtaking nature. at least once in your lifetime. Guided by experts.


On this trip, you are entering a very sensitive ecosystem, the Sharqiyah Sands, where any type of litter or car tracks can damage the roots of the desert plants. The Sharqiyah Sands are home to a Bedouin tribe who still call the desert their home and use it as food supply for their livestock. Moderate and passive driving is necessary to be in harmony with the environment and show respect to the locals. By following rules are supposed to guarantee you an extraordinary driving and nature experience.


Enjoy a barbecue dinner under the starry sky. If you're lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the Milky Way galaxy.


Some general instructions for this trip:

  • Participant needs to be in a 4WD cars as a driver or passenger:
  • The cars must be fueled and ready for the trip before entering the desert.
  • Any dune bashing is not allowed, unless instructed by the group leader.
  • Keep the assigned order within the car convoy during the whole trip.
  • Follow the leading car, do not overtake the car in front of you and stay on the track.
  • Wear seat belts always.
  • The team leader car stops at best photo sights, please do not stop on your own.
  • Keep a reasonable distance between cars, at least two car lengths.
  • Make sure that all items in the car are nicely tied up in the trunk.
  • Personal items you need during the drive, please keep them with you in the passenger area.
  • Stops during the drive are only scheduled by the leading car and need to be followed.
  • Make sure that you have a basic first aid kit on board.
  • The drivers are responsible for the safety of all passengers in his/her car and responsible not to damage the car. Insurance coverage of damage caused by off-road driving is unclear.
  • Every participant needs to bring appropriate outdoor gear, which is as follows: Light, comfortable clothes such as (long) pants, shirts are recommended.
  • The desert can be very cold during winter, so a windbreaker/ sweater/ sock shall be carried.
  • Besides a sleeping bag, it is advised to have a tent.
  • Bring: plates, cup, fork, knife, and spoon
  • Please bring enough waste bags.
  • Bring water and food.
  • All participants are asked to carry out what was carried in. No trash is left behind. No artefacts or 'souvenirs' to be removed from sites we visit.


  • minimum 2 – maximum 24

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