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Oman field trips and camping

Fieldwork and logistics:

We arrange a remote logistical support for scientific field trips for schools, universities and organizations,  for all excursions types, large, medium or small. We offer you a logistical support includes establishing camps and providing food and transportation to suit every pocket and taste.

Experienced guides on geological, biological, archaeological and cultural heritage tours in Oman are available upon request.

We offer you a great chance to experience camping instead of hotels. As a participant you live much more strongly in the landscape than when you travel from hotel to hotel. Camping is based on "full care": two experienced Omani men make camp with 1-person tents, mattresses and washing and shower facilities. They cook, introduce you to life in Oman and pay attention to all your wishes. All camping pitches have been carefully selected by the tour guides, “in the wild”, away from habitation, with a view of majestic mountains, lovely oases, quiet beaches and with plenty of space for everyone. VIP camping can be arrange based on request. 

Contact us for any questions at 

Please see testimonials on trips we have organised in the past.

  • Testimonials

Prof. Dr. Martin Meschede

Regionale und Strukturgeologie Institut für Geographie und Geologie, Greifswald, Germany

Travelling around the wonderful landscapes of Oman with Mansoor and his group was a fantastic experience. Not only the very obliging handling of our overnight camps but also the efforts of our guides to give us an understanding of Oman´s culture was intriguing.


Most impressive was the preparation of the traditional Omani meal “Shuwa” with goats being baked for 24 hours in a hole in the ground.

Many thanks to Mansoor and his group for all these magnificent experiences.

Suggested trips:

Preserving and protecting our planet is our foremost responsibility.

Whether in our business dealings or everyday life, reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing plastic waste is a primary consideration.

Please find below our actions to protect the beautiful environment of Oman:

  • We say NO to plastic

  • We use our own grocery bags made from recyclable cotton

  • We offer each customer a (personalized) mug to use, instead of plastic cups and bottles.

  • We offer a water station to refill cups and bottles

  • We cook fresh food every day, instead of using pre-packaged food.

  • We Reduce Waste

  • All containers are re-used and re-purposed

  • We compost and feed goats with our organic waste.

  • We Organize Clean-Up Days

  • At every camping settlement we take time to clear the area of trash

  • We organize clean-up days at wadis and beaches

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