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DGGV Clean Up | 15.03.19

17 participants of a GeoTourism-Tour for the German Geological Society (DGGV) cleaned up a beach south of Ras al Hadd together with the team of Golden Highlands. The group was made up of German, Polish and Spanish academics, all of them interested in geology, but also in nature. They were very sad to see all the rubbish lying around threatening marine and terrestrial animals. So they decided to use their spare time in the afternoon to clean up the beach.

In the end there was a huge heap of rubbish and 22 satisfied people.

“In comparison to what is still down there it’s only very little that we collected. But I’m happy I can say that no turtle will get caught up in the fishing net I took out of the sea.”, Dr Sara Vassolo said.

Golden Highlands is glad to see enthusiastic people who take care. By this the world becomes a little bit better.

Valeska Decker

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