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Preserving and protecting our planet is our foremost responsibility.

Whether in our business dealings or everyday life, reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing plastic waste is a primary consideration.
Please find below our actions to protect the beautiful environment of Oman:
  • We say NO to plastic

  • We use our own grocery bags made from recyclable cotton

  • We offer each customer a (personalized) mug to use, instead of plastic cups and bottles.

  • We offer a water station to refill cups and bottles

  • We cook fresh food every day, instead of using pre-packaged food.

  • We Reduce Waste

  • All containers are re-used and re-purposed

  • We compost and feed goats with our organic waste.

What are your ideas to reduce waste during our camp trips?

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  • We Organize Clean-Up Days

  • At every camping settlement we take time to clear the area of trash

  • We organize clean-up days at wadis and beaches

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