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We avoid plastic and waste in our camptrips and daily life

As a travel agency, we try our best to reduce our carbon footprint and our plastic consumption in every single trip we provide. Each day, while setteling our camps, we take time to clean the areas from plastic trash.

Please find below our actions to protect environment.

  • We say NO to plastic

- We use our own reusable bags in recyclable cotton for groceries

- We provide to each customer a personalized mug instead of usiging plastic cups or plastic bottles and offer solutions to refill

- We cook every day fresh food and try our best to select items without plastic contenants while shopping

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  • We reduce waste

- When there's no choice but buying plastic, we give a second life to the contenants

- We trash less, use more natural and fresh food, compost and feed goats

Any suggestion?

What else do you think we can do to reach zero waste during our camptrips ?

  • We organize clean-up

- Every day while setteling our camps, we take some time to clean the area from its trash

- We organize clean up events and offer a free lunch to  people who join to sensibilize the more we can about nature protection

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