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Al Jebel Al Akhdar, also known as the Green Mountain:
Is a part of the Al Hajar mountain range located in Al Dakhiliya region. Rising to 2,980 meters above sea level, Jebel Akhdar is famous for its lush terraced orchards, labyrinthine wadis, and mild Mediterranean climate.


Jebel Akhdar is home to some of the world's most renowned rose farms. Here, the Damascus rose, a special type of rose used to produce rose water and rose essence, thrives in the ideal conditions. Every spring, the roses bloom in abundance, transforming the region into a breathtaking sea of pink.


Visitors can experience the magic of the rose harvest firsthand, and learn about the traditional methods used to produce rose water and rose essence. These precious products are prized for their culinary, medicinal, and cosmetic properties.


In addition to its rose farms, Jebel Akhdar is also a paradise for nature lovers. The region boasts stunning viewpoints, hiking trails, and waterfalls. Visitors can hike through the terraced orchards, admiring the pomegranate, walnut, and apricot trees. They can also explore the wadis, where they may spot native wildlife such as Arabian tahr and mountain goats.


For those seeking a more luxurious experience, Jebel Akhdar offers a variety of luxury hotels and resorts. These accommodations offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, as well as world-class amenities and services.


Whether you're a nature lover, a history buff, or simply looking for a relaxing and unforgettable getaway, Jebel Akhdar is a must-visit destination. With its lush rose farms, breathtaking scenery, and luxurious accommodations, Jebel Akhdar offers something for everyone.


Al Jebel Al Akhdar is a truly unique and special destination. With its rose farms, stunning scenery, and luxurious accommodations, it offers something for everyone. If you're looking for an unforgettable getaway, be sure to add Jebel Akhdar to your itinerary.


Jebel Akhdar is only accessible by four-wheel drive.


  • minimum 2 – maximum 12

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