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Oman Exkursion 2022

Wadi’s to sinkholes, beaches to dunes, this 14-day tour package expands on our 7-day tour, going into greater depth & detail about each of the geological features of the environment of Oman.  

Included is all all the exciting chapters of a geologists’ dream:  tsunamites, radiolarlites, paleo-lagoons, and caves, all types of sands, minerals and rocks. We will dive deep into marine environments and climb to the highest peak in Oman. 

Along with the pre-Islamic archaeological treks, oasis swims and desert crossings that make holidaying in Oman an once-in-a-lifetime experience


Best time to visit Oman :  September  -  October  -  November -  December  -  January  -  February  -  March

14 Days

2,700 € (DGGV- members)*
2,900 € (non-members)*



*minimum of 12 people, double occupancy, 

for single occupancy there is an extra charge of 150 

- International Flights

- Entrance fees

- Online Visa fees
- Travel

& personal insurances


Not included

- Transportation

- Accomodation

- Full board
- Guide
- Car insurance

- Airport shuttle
- Agency assistance

Day 1 - Muscat

- Individual arrival in Muscat

- Overnight : hotel accomodation in Muscat

Day 2 - Muscat

- Introduction to the geology of Oman
- Wadi al Kabir viewpoint
- Al Khoud: Pillow Lava and Eocene Nummulites
- Halban: Beehive tombs

- Overnight : hotel accomodation in Muscat

Day 3 - Muscat

- Saih Hatat: window exhumed subduction zone
- Al Siffah: Eclogite
- Wadi Al Mayh: Mega-folds
- Bimmah: Sink hole

- Overnight : camp at Finns beach

Day 4 - Radiolarites

- Northern Coast of Oman: Tsunamites, Coastal uplift and Jurassic Radiolarites

- Wadi Shab: hike

- City of Sur: Tour of Dhau Shipyard
- Evening: Turtle Beach, depending on the season viewing turtle egg laying or hatching

- Overnight: camp in radiolarites

Day 7 - Hajar Mountains

- Nizwa City: Fort and market (souq) 
- Hajar Mountains: Eastern flank

- Overnight: hotel accommodation in Muscat

Day 10 - Fossilised Moho

- Wadi al Abyad: View fossilised Moho and hike through Theophiolites

- Overnight: camp in Wadi Al Abyad

Day 13 - Pillow Lava

- Wadi Jizzi: Pillow lava of the Geotimes outcrop; Ancient copper mining
- Sohar: Black Smoker 

- Overnight : camp near the Black Smoker

Day 5 - Sands & Desert

- Batain: Kimberlite occurrences within the Batain nap

- Jalan: Outcrops in basement rocks 

- Wahiba Sand Desert: dune bashing and overnight camp

Day 8 - Muscat

- City tour of Muscat: tour of The Grand Mosque and Muttrah Souq

​-  Overnight: hotel accommmodation in Muscat

Day 11 - Al Hamra

- Wadi Bani Kharus: Permian unconformity; Snowball Earth tillites

- Wadi Bani Awf: Mountain oasis; Falaj systems

​- Overnight: camp near Al Hamra

Day 14 - Muscat

- Ghizayn: White Smoker 

- Drive back to Muscat

Day 15

Day 9 - Hajar Mountains

- Introduction to the Geology of the Hajar Mountain Range 

- Wadi Mistal: Quaternary climate and Precambrian Tillites

- Overnight: Camp in Wadi Al Abyad

Day 12 - Jebel Sham

- Sint: Fossil Megalodonts, Paleo-wetland and Sheeted dikes

Day 15

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