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Masalama Muscat city! On this tour we will depart the city and not return for 10 days.  During our time we will swim in sink holes, waterfalls, oceans, dams and rivers.  We will hike through canyons, villages, tombs and caves. We will journey across plateaus, deserts and mountain ranges.  This tour package is an adventurers dream come true.

Best time to visit Oman :  September 2021  -  October2021  -  November 2021 -  December 2021  -  January 2022  -  February 2022  -  March 2022

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10 Days

2100 Euros*

Starting from :


+ 150 € / pers :

With full board

* Price per person, minimum 4 persons.
* Smaller groups are possible upon request


Not included

- Transportation

- Accomodation

- Breakfast

- Boat tour (with supplement)
- Guide
- Car insurance
- Agency assistance

- International Flights

- Entrance fees

- Online Visa fees

- Meals non included in "included prices"
- Travel and personnal insurances

Day 1 - Muscat 

- Individual arrival in Muscat

- short hike around the old port/city of Muttrah

- Overnight : hotel accomodation in Muscat

Day 2 - Bimmah Sinkhole & Wadi Shab

- Depart Muscat city and arrive at Wadi Shab; short hike through the wadi and swim through the lagoon to the waterfall.  Visit and swim at Bimmah Sinkhole. 

- Camp overnight on Fins beach.

Day 3 - Wadi & Mountains

- Off-Road through mountains to reach Wad Abrieen; enjoy an easy hike, lagoon and waterfall.  Visit Wadi Dayqah Dam. 

- Overnight camping in a local farm.  

Day 4 - Wadi & Castle

- Visit and swim at the waterfall of Wadi Hawqayn; visit al Hazm castle and Nakhal Fort. 

- Overnight camping in Wadi Bani Awf under the centuries old Gaff trees.

Day 5 - Mountain Villages

- Drive to the Hajar Mountain range, via the picturesque village of Balad Sayt.  Visit the 400-year old village of Misfat Abriyeen, lush oasis and Falaj system. 

- Overnight in guesthouse or apartment style hotel.  

Day 6 - Grand Canyon of Arabia

- Jebel Shams, the highest peak in Oman.  Hike the “Balcony Walk”, around the rim of the Grand Canyon of Arabia and visit the abandoned mud-brick village of Al Hamra.

- Overnight in guesthouse or apartment style hotel.

Day 7 - UNESCO World Heritage Sites

- Off-Road drive across Sint Plateau to Wadi Damm; hike to pools. Sunset at the 5,000 year old Beehive tombs of Al Ayn (UNESCO Site)

- Overnight camp in the wadi.

Day 8 - Rock Art Engraving

- Off-Road drive across the mountain to Wadi Sahtan, view the rock art from ancient civilizations.  Visit the former capital of Oman, Rustaq. 

- Overnight camp in a local farm with a pool.  

Day 9 - Bandar Khiran or Damaniyat

- Option to drive to Bandar Khiryan with mangrove forest and a remote beach. OR, boat trip to Damaniyat Islands.

- Overnight hotel in Muscat.

Day 10 - Muscat

- Visit Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque or Royal Opera House; Al Ahlam Palace, National Museum. 

- Evening: Airport Transfer.

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