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Best time to visit Oman :  September  -  October  -  November -  December  -  January  -  February  -  March

Traditional Bedouin Tent :

Starting from 250 Euros*

*Price per person per week for a group of 4 people minimum.
Smaller groups are possible upon request.

Basic Camping Gear Rental


Includes: Tent, mattress, cool box, water tank, table and chair

10 Euros (per person and per day)

Full Camping Settlement, Including Truck and Driver :

Includes: Basic Camping Gear

Starting from 765 Euros*

*Price per day for a group of 10 people minimum.
Freedom of camping with all facilities and comfort


Not included

- Tent + Mattress
- Cool Box
- Water Tank

- Table

- Chairs

- For bedouin tent : settlement

- Sleeping bags

- For basic tent : settlement


100 % You Need a tailor-made offer? ...Custom made tours for all timescales and budgets

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