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The Sultanate of Oman is located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. The country is characterised by a variety of landforms. In additon to sandy and gravel deserts, the over 3,000 m high mountain range of the Oman Mountains dominates the landscape of Northern Oman.

The geology is spectacular and the outcrop conditons are extraordinary. The climate is arid and the winter months are very comfortable to travel with daily highs of 20° to 30°C (70° to 85 °F).

We will explore the country using 4WD vehicles in both mountain and desert areas. The overnight stays are mostly organised incampsites away from the main touristic routes.

Oman is a very safe travel destination.

The turmoils of the Arab Spring were not transferred to the country and the crime rate of Oman is one of the lowest in the world. The Omani people are very tolerant and hospitable.


This 1-week field trip focusses on the fascinating geology of Oman. You will get a good overview of the outcropping rocks and go back in time from recent deposits, few 1000 up to hundreds of Mio years old rocks. We discover rocks evolved on top of the earth’s crust, as well as in deep marine environments and some within 10-30 km depth. The latter belong to the Mohorovičić-Discontinuity which is outcropping at the surface within only few spots all over the world.


Transportation will be in 4-wheel cars with experienced Omani drivers.

Accomodation during the expedition will be in a fully equipped fieldcamp, single or double tents and full board, including breakfast, lunch, dinner.


The tour will be guided by a geologist, language will be English. You should bring sleeping bag, torch or head lamp, water sandels.

Hotel accommodation in Muscat before and after the trip is arrangeable.

Next dates :

September 2019


14 Days


2 550 Euros*

* Price per person for a group of 12 person
Smaller groups are possible upon request


Not included

- Transportation

- Accomodation

- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
- Guide
- Car insurance
- Agency assistance

- International Flights

- Entrance fees

- Online Visa fees

- Meals non included in "included prices"
- Travel and personnal insurances
- Tips


Day 1 - Muscat

- Individual arrival in Muscat

- Overnight : hotel accomodation in Muscat

Day 2 - Muscat

- Introduction to the geology of Oman
- Wadi al Kabir viewpoint
- Al Khoud pillow lavas
- Eocenenummulites
- Beehive tombs Halban

- Overnight : hotel accomodation in Muscat

Day 3 - Muscat to Fins

- Saih Hatatwindow exhumed subduction zone
- Al Siffah eclogit
- Mega-folds Wadi Al Mayh
- Bimmah sink hole

- Overnight : camp at Fins beach

Day 4 - Radiolarites

- Tsunamites northern coast of Oman
- Coastal uplift

- Hiking through Wadi Shab

- Visiting the Dhau shipyard in Sur
- Jurassic radiolarites
 - At night: turtle egg deposition watching

- Overnight : camp in radiolarites

Day 5 - Wahiba Sand Desert

- Kimberlite occurences within the Batain nap

- Outcrops in basement rocks near Jalan

- Trip into Wahiba sand desert

- Overnight : camp in the sand desert

Day 6 - Salt Dome

- Aeolianites and limnic deposits in the Wahiba sands
- Salt dome Qarat Kibrit

- Overnight : camp at the salt dome

Day 7 - Nizwa

- Fort and market (suq) of Nizwa
- Eastern flanc of the Hajar mountains

- Overnight : hotel accommodation in Muscat

Day 8 - Muscat

- City tour of Muscat : visit of the Grand Mosque and Muttrah Suq

​-  Overnight : hotel accomodation in Muscat

Day 9 - Hajar Mounains

- Wadi Mistal
- Quaternary climate evolution
- Geology of the Hajar mountain

- Overnight : camp in Wadi Al Abyad

Day 10 - Wadi Al Abyad

- Wadi al Abyad

- Hike through theophiolite

- Touch fossilised Moho

- Overnight : camp in Wadi Al Abyad

Day 11 - Al Hamra

- Wadi Bani Kharus
- Permian unconformity
- Snowball Earth tillites

- Drive through Wadi Bani Awf

- Mountain oasis

- Falaj systems

- Overnight : camp near Al Hamra

Day 12 - Jebel Shams

- Jebel Shams
- Fossil megalodonts,paleo-wetland near Sint
- UNESCO world heritage Beehive Tombs Al Ayn
- Sheeted dikes

- Overnight : camp within the sheeted dike complex

Day 13 - Pillow Lava

- Pillow lava of the Geotimes outcropin Wadi Jizzi
- Ancient copper mining
- Black smoker near Sohar

- Overnight : camp near the black smoker

Day 14 - Muscat

- White smoker near al Ghizayn

- Drive back to Muscat