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Golden Highlands Tourism specializes in providing the best travel services in Oman.
We’ve been in business since 2001, creating customized itineraries for our clients based around their personal plans and preferences.
In our line of work we don’t only make plans, we help you build experiences and memories.

All tours are conducted by experienced Omani driver and guides.
Golden Highlands is licensed by and insured through the Ministry of Tourism, Muscat under
CR 1816462.

Our History

Golden Highlands is a family run business which has been catering for visitors to Oman since 2001. We began by organizing short tours for visiting and new faculty members to the universities of Oman, by firstly inviting them into our homes, to meet both local people and to enjoy the Omani lifestyle and culture. We also took them around the villages, to see some old houses and places that other tours tend to miss, including the wadis, the mountains and the desert, in order to explore the majestic vastness and pristine beauty of the Omani landscape. We would organize camping and hiking trips and the more we grew, the more ideas came to mind, in response to the feedback from our clients.

 In 2003, our operations grew, to accommodate an influx of visitors to our country. We started to include tours of all the major sights of Oman, in addition to our staple fare of desert tours and mountain treks, etc., and, by 2014, operations had grown to include all kinds of activities, including educational guided tours of the geological, archaeological and botanical wonders of Oman. Now we can say unequivocally that we are able to arrange absolutely everything necessary for any kind of tour, from arranging hotel bookings; organizing package tours; car hire, and camping gear, food and equipment, as well as private and guided tours and personal drivers, and other similar such things. We are certainly the people to offer you a memory you will never forget.

 Whether you are here for the short or the long term, we look forward to providing you with the best offer available and making your experience of the orient a truly magical one.

They trust us...

Each year, we provide logistics to our special customers below.
Upon request, you can join their group to be guided by them.


Roman Garba

Archaeologist and explorer, who traveled to  less visited regions of Arabia and  conducting world’s first focused research on triliths of Arabia. He is head of archaeological mission which relocated in November / December 2018 endangered trilith monument from Duqm to the National Museum in Muscat.  

Prof. Gösta Hoffman

Expert in the geology field, has run several international projects and
has been granted the national research award for his work by The Research Council.Author of the book :  "Geology fieldtrip in Oman" .

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The charming Oman. Geotourism_#geography
The charming Oman. Geotourism_#geography

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